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Best Egg Laying Chickens

Here is the list of the best egg laying chicken. There is variety along with basic information to help select your layer chickens.

black sesxix chicken

Black Sexlink chicken: The Black Sex-link a balanced chicken is not only egg layer, but since this race is a little bigger than the rest of the hybrids, which can be used for a dual purpose. It is a brown egg layer very popular. Egg color large brown,  produce approximately 250 + per year





red sexilix chicken


Red Sexlink Chicken: This is one of the most popular breeds because of its great ability to lay eggs  and feed efficiency. The Red Sex link certainly impresses with its large brown eggs and hardiness in all weather environments. If you need eggs in quantity, this is definitely the hybrid race to consider. Egg color large brown, approximately 250 + per year




white leghorn chicken


White Leghorn chicken: This is the best heritage breed egg laying. White plumage standard throughout. Hardy, but combs subject to frostbite in extreme cold climatic zones. Leghorns are a flighty breed, very nervous and not broody. Egg color large white eggs, approximately  250 eggs per year





california white chicken


California White chicken : They are one of the only hybrid breed  to lay white eggs. They have white plumage and black speckles. Egg color large white, approximately 300+ per year





california red chicken


California Gray chicken: Like the California white they lay white large eggs, approximately 300+ per year







rhode island white chickenRhode Island White chickens: This breed is characterized  for dual purpose. Hardy in heat and cold. Quality production. Egg color  brown eggs,  250+ per year





rhode island red chicken


Rhode Island Red Chickens: As the Rhode Island white they brown eggs, approximately 250+ per year





production red chicken


Production Red chickens:  This breed is a very efficient layer. Its plumage has different shades of red. Egg color large to extra large brown eggs, approximately 300+ per year






gold sexil chicken


Gold Sexink chikens: A hybrid efficient that is quick to mature. These are a very gentle bird that is consistent producer of large brown eggs , approximately 250 + per year





barret rock


Barred Rock – This wonderful and friendly breed lays approximately 200 large brown eggs per year.








Ameraucana  (Easter Egg chickens) are very well known for their quite colorful eggs. They good layers, with more than 300 eggs per year. This one is ameraucana blue






sussex chickensSussex chickens turns a free-range diet into a high production of beautiful brown or tinted eggs, approximately 250+ per year








As you can see in the list above, there is a very good variety of egg laying hens that are prolific. This list represents a good starting point for your flock. There is also some Information about climate-related and type of temperament, of course is only general data that helps as basic information.  As for the number of chickens that will depend on the land you have available to hunt for food (free range) or how much food you can buy each week, remember that you can also give your kitchen scrap from your kitchen, the more organic food you provide the more eggs they produce and better taste they are. Having an estimate of how many eggs you and your family will eat a week (or if you decide to sell the ones you do not eat and profit from it, that will help to support the chickens) and do the math to get the number correct.

Also note that the hens do not lay at full capacity for their entire lives. They will usually reach its highest rate in the early years and then there will be a fall in their production. This is something that must be taken into account, so you can plan in order to increase / replace as the years pass. Finally, before you take the commitment takes time to care of these birds remember you have to ensure that every day they need to have clean water and lots of food that’s why is also good let them hut for food. Make sure you want this responsibility before buying egg layers. Have fun and enjoy your chickens and her delicious eggs.

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