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Welcome to Ameraucana Chickens. We’re glad you are here. We decided to create this website to help people like you who need tips and information about raising Chickens. What motivated us to do it? Well, we passed through the same steps some time ago when we went with our son to Uncle John’s farm for him to select the chick he wanted for very long time. It was beautiful to see how excited he was going from hen to hen lBuff_Orpington_Chickooking at all the baby chicks trying to decide which one he will take home. Finally he got the perfect one for him. He was very happy, all smiles and very talkative about his chick. Uncle John was very kind and gave dry leaves and food for our new pet. Wow, my husband and I look at each other and said, what’s next? We don’t know much about birds. Well, we got a box, the leaves to go inside to make a nest, some water, the food that Uncle John gave us. Now we have to do mamma’s hen job, to keep it warm and teach Lightning –chick’s name- where is the food and how to eat it (tap with the finger on the floor where the food is and he will go to do the same with his beak, that’s how mamma hen does it). A lamp will replace mamma’s hen heat, yes that will do it! Not too close, not too far. The firsts few nights we heard a lot of peep,peep,peep,peep… He is getting use to his nest. He is learning how to eat. He is surviving! Of course Uncle John called checking on the chick. He is pleased knowing he is doing fine and alive!

WhiteAmeracanaAbout two weeks after Uncle John asked if we want to have a hen an eggs to have more chicks GJ said with no doubt in his heart YES! We looked at each other… Oh Oh…we are in trouble but we end up saying ok let’s try it. Well, this time we have mamma hen that is a big help. We decided to use the  old dog’s carrier for her to stay while she hatches the eggs and in the mean time we work on the chicken coop. The only thing did not have in account was how to protect her from the weather!, to be exact the rain. We realized about it after the fact. One day we came home and found that the box inside the carrier was wet but she was still firm and decided to continue with her job. Very quickly we changed boxes and put more leaves and some of the ones she already had so she can continue hatching the eggs. We covered the carrier with a tarp. Two days after storm Andrea let us know that was not enough, this time was worse. Mamma hen got wet, eggs got wet (we had to dry them), nest got wet. We had to do a big change, no leaves from the old box. She did not like the new nest I guess because it did not have her previous signature. We lost the eggs because she did not want to sit any more, we tried hard helping her but it was not what she wanted. Big tip, never wash the eggs. No matter what happens their environment has to have their approval. Mamma hen went back to uncle’s john but we still have lighting and he needs a mother. We start searching online about different kind of hens and which one will make a good adopting mother. Incredible but it will not be the Ameraucana chickens, seems like the best adopting mothers are the Silkie chicken. There is more information about this topic in internal pages.

All our research and the fact that we were talking with family, friends and neighbors about our new pet gave us the idea to share it with you as well. So, here you will find information about chickens, chicken coops, eggs, best laying hens, hatching eggs, supplies and much more.

A good guide is the Mini Encyclopedia of Chicken Breeds and Care: A Color Directory of the Most Popular Breeds and Their Care. It has very good information about chickens.



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